Volume 1
Gourmet Guitars ™ The Best Luthiers – DVD Series presents the best luthiers of the 21st Century. Each DVD profiles three outstanding guitar builders covering everything from the workshop where each guitar is born to the stages of the artists who play them.

Enjoy 140 minutes of guitar building secrets, philosophy, craftsmanship, shoptalk and world class musicians. Welcome to the world of master guitar building!


Volume One :
N°GG2005-001, DVD-Video, 2005
Three 50 minute documentary films
Video / 3:4 / color / stereo / 150 min
English & German Soundtracks
English, Japanese & German Subtitles
Produced by Sushi Overdrive
Avantgarde Productions
Written and directed by Holger M. E. Obenaus
Exclusive hand-made paper Smartpack
8 page fold-out leporello

Teuffel Guitars - Ulrich Teuffel is THE enfant terrible of the international luthier scene. His Birdfish guitar is one of the most important guitars of the 20th Century. Ulrich invited us to the Museum of Modern Art in Bregenz, Austria to talk about the legacy of Leo Fender, the future of the electric guitar and, of course, his famous clients, Billy Gibbons, Henry Kaiser and David Torn.

Pagelli Guitars - Meet the dynamic duo of Swiss lutherie. Bob Benedetto once said that Claudio Pagelli is one of the most creative guitar builders he has ever met. GOURMET GUITARS ™ traveled to the Swiss Alps to see where the best European Spruce grows and to talk with the Pagelli's about Swiss Precision, Italian Design & Intergalactic Sound.

Fine Resophonics - Mike Lewis builds some of the best hand-crafted National-style guitars on the planet! Listen as he talks of his quest to capture the vintage National sound. Blues Giants like Eric Clapton, Michael Messer, Robbie McIntosh and Louisiana Red all agree on one thing - Mike Lewis makes magic when he builds Fine Resophonic guitars!