Rys Olsen  
I wanted to thank you for being so kind over the phone and emails with my pre purchase questions regarding your guitars. I also wanted to thank you for making the best guitar I have ever owned! As a once simi professional player and now more or less a weekend player I have had the opportunity to amass a small collection of guitars over the years. Im a sucker for a vintage Les Paul, I have never meet a Tele I did not like, the ergonomics of the Klein Electric make them a favorite (I have owned 9) and nothing quite has the Mojo of a vintage ES 295 or 350. But all of these to some degree are one trick pony's none do what the other dose as well, less of-course my new Tesla classic.
I never thought A guitar could do so much. She out Tele's my best Telecaster. She can hold her own with my favorite Les Paul, Due largely to the convex back it is more comfortable then any of my Kleins and I don't know how but the pickups seem to produce as much body as any ES I have ever owned. They really are the best pickup's made bar none and I have owned almost all of em it seems.
I no longer need any of my other guitars! I have started to sale off all but a few that are sentimental and use the funds for a new mixing desk and my future Bird FIsh. So in short thanks for making the best guitar I have ever gotten my hands on and or owned."

John J. Potter
  "In a sense Ulrich Teuffel has taken a bifurcated path, both re-inventing the guitar while also, in the truest post modernist tradition, going back to the future.
When I received my Tesla Classic guitar I was immediately taken by its warm organic shape, similar to the sculpture of Hans Arp. How inspiring to design a 21th century "industrial, noise" guitar that is imbued with such humanity, such poetic reference to human form, such aesthetic beauty...A FORMAL TRIUMPH!!
While capable of truly evocative sound manipulation, the Tesla can also SING with everything from incredible sustain to a cutting crunch! The Tesla's sonic character shines with multiple personalities offering the creative musician endless choice from its sonic palette. I thank Herr Teuffel for giving me a beautiful tool for musical creation."

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